Jedi Jewellery introduces: Beechwood Wildness Bracelets!

Jedi Jewellery introduces: Beechwood Wildness Bracelets!

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We have collaborated with our close friend and fellow boss babe of Jedi Jewellery to offer you Beechwood Wildness Bracelets!

These bracelets were designed for the adventurer. The free spirit.

Because not all those who wander are lost. Made with Lava Rock beads (which make them aromatherapy compatible) and your choice of 4 stones. (See details below)

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(First photo: From left to right)

Dalmation Jasper: Discover your purpose in life and learn to trust.

Tiger Eye: For protection and good luck! Brings confidence and balance, while soothing anxiety.

Smokey Quartz: For overall health, grounding and concentration. Helpful to those who have headaches and are prone to sleep issues. 

Picture Jasper: Promotes courage, stabilty and balance, while providing comfort. Helpful in releasing negative energy.

(Second Photo)

Tridacna Shell (All white stone shown in second image) Helps stabilize moods, eliminates anxiety and balances the body.

(Third Photo)

Sesame Jasper (Grey stone shown in third image) Nurturing stone. Sustains and supports in times of stress and brings tranquility and wholeness.