Redirecting....Why I Chose To Take A Break From Wholesale

Recently I made the business decision to take a break from wholesale and focus on selling directly to consumer. This was a really hard choice for me and took months to finally get up the courage to make the change.

I truly appreciate all of my stockists who have shown support for Beechwood Wildness. I hope this article brings understanding and offers some advice to my fellow entrepreneurs.

Here are the main reasons for me transitioning out of wholesale. (For now)

  1. Grew too Fast

    When I first started Beechwood Wildness, I had a store interested in the collection before I even launched my website. I was so excited and felt so supported that I jumped into wholesale before I was ready. My margins were off, my product design needed work and all my time went to trying to keep up with stock.

    Beechwood Wildness is self made. In order to Keep enough inventory on hand for shops I balanced two jobs. I felt like a hypocrite promoting self care when I had zero time for my personal self care.

  2. Lost touch with customers

    Selling wholesale made it easier for customers to purchase my products, but I felt very disconnected from them. I want to know my customers and build relationships. I want to be able to write handwritten thank you notes to everyone who supports me & to customize the Beechwood Wildness shopping experience.

    I also want to study consumer behaviour so I can continue to offer what customers are looking for.

  3. Shelf Life

    I do not use any preservatives in my products. This makes Beechwood Wildness shelf life a lot shorter than other skincare lines. I started having anxiety thinking about my products being on store shelves for months and not being fresh for customers when they purchase. I care deeply about the quality of my products and want to make sure customers are satisfied. In the future I hope to launch more of a dry line that allows for a longer shelf life.

  4. Natural Product Care

    Natural products are needy. Lids/seals need to be kept tight, they need to avoid direct heat and avoid direct sun. When products are in shops, it’s harder to control temperature. The crazy hot summer we recently had showed me just how difficult it actually is to keep quality body whip in shops.

So What’s Next?

In December, Beechwood Wildness will be turning two. I’m proud of what has been accomplished these last two years. I’m happy that I was able to have a hybrid business model selling direct and in shops. Wholesale taught me so many things, but in order for BW to be sustainable, I need to redirect for a bit.

By taking a break from wholesale, I will have more time to start educating more on holistic wellness and slowly rebrand. My goal in 2019 is to build the brand slow & solid. Not fast & fragile.

Again, thank you to all my stockists! I hope to someday in the future offer wholesale again. Until then, I would like to invite you all enjoy the Beechwood Wildness online shopping experience.

As difficult as this decision was, I feel energized knowing I have more time now to focus on growing Beechwood Wildness in the right direction.

Much love,


Casey GaunceComment