Beechwood Wildness

Wildly crafted holistic self care.

Cultivating wholeness with toxin-free products, toxin -free friends, movement & nutrition.




 We help you create your own wildly crafted holistic self care routine by offering our collection of handmade skincare products & access to our journal full of wellness articles.

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The Name & Logo


Beechwood” is the rural area in New Brunswick, Canada where the founder, Casey spent her childhood. It is where she fell in love with the outdoors.

Wild~ness” is the lifestyle we promote. Always up to try new things and escaping anything that makes your life become stagnant.

Compass: Founder, Casey inherited her grandfather's compass when he passed away. He was an entrepreneur himself and one of her biggest role models. Our logo is a compass to keep us close to our roots and to help us navigate the direction Beechwood Wildness should take.


Casey Gaunce

Casey is a business graduate, holistic nutrition student and fresh air addict. She is very passionate about holistic health, natural wellness and living an adventurous life. Beechwood Wildness was created from combining these passions.